Reusing Models

I haven’t seen any rules regarding this. Is it permissible to reuse models from the animations of previous years in this one’s?

We plan on doing it.
You only have five weeks to get the animation done. If you have any shortcuts available I think it would be wise to use them.

We have done that in the past. I don’t read anything in the rules saying that you can’t. The only drawback is that it wouldn’t be “new and innovative”.

Some of the best innovations are the ones you use over and over again.

Ahh, excellent. Now I just need to find said models. Hopefully the former animation leader didn’t take them with him.

Is it possible to use old models from 3ds Max and have them translate to Maya?

Yes, it’s possible to use old models. Try exporting them as a .fbx. If you’re using 3ds Max 2010 it’s under export. Then it should open right up in Maya.

Haha. I didn’t even think that it wouldn’t be allowed! We have used old models almost every year!!

The only drawback to reusing models is that the students may not get a good grasp on good modeling and texturing. I discourage students reuse the models unless they made them the themselves because I feel its important that they understand good modeling techniques, but thats just me.
Good luck everyone. :slight_smile: