Reusing Old Gyros


Our team is thinking of using the First-provided Gyro from past years. First of all, is it legal to do such a thing? The Gyros are not “generally availiable” parts, as the FIRST logo bears testament to.

And second, what was the price on the old gyro sensors?

From what I can infer from the rules it would be OK to use the last years and you would only have to use the “fair market” price. You would have to
stay under the electronics cost rules.
Good luck

they would have to be available from one of the catalogs FIRST gave us with the kit - electronic parts have to be available to all teams - so if you can find them in the catalog, you can use them (and the price will be listed too)

So… …bottom line, unless an update is made, they are not legal.

The good news (if FIRST changes the rules on what counts against the $200 electronic limit – right now wire would have to count against the $200 limit – that’s just silly) is that ADXRS150 and ADXRS300 are available angular rate sensors from Future Electronics. I have not used them but others did last year with good results – search the fori to find the postings.

has anyone ever needed to use more wire than what they give you in the kit?

Id be really surpized to see a judge measuring your wire, to make sure you didnt buy extra wire!

also, if you have more than 4 victors, I would think the extra PWM cables are an (unlimited) extension of the Victor, not an ‘electical component’.