Reusing the rocket for 2020

We are doing this. I wanted to share steps and some pictures of progress. It makes most sense to turn the rocket around, and use the wider face, so that is the start.

Step one: remove back plywood. Set aside for later.

The front will be flush so we had to move the trapezoidal footer.

Step two: remove and reposition footer plywood. It will be flush with the wider side.

Some inside board might get in the way. We will take those out leaving as much structure as possible.

Step three: remove the highest cross board on the front. It will definitely be in way of the upper power port. I left the back board there but will see if it blocks the center port or not later.

We can use the large plywood piece to make both the high and low ports.

Step four: cut the 39"x96" plywood in half o two 48" boards. Measure and cut out the upper hexagon on one and the rectangular port from the floor on the other.

The lower port will attach to existing cross boards, but we need to cut angled uprights to support the top port.

Step five :. Rip in half a 2x4 longways on a angle to match the rocket front (30 degrres, check by placing the board and marking. I used a 4 foot length.

Step six: Attach the uprights with screws from each side and the bottom. It is placed so you have a flush surface at the front of the wide rocket size to place the upper port. The boards extend below the 78" mark where the power port board begins and is connected with the highest front cross board.

Step seven: attached the upper power port to the uprights. The bottom of the board is at 78".

Other steps:. I haven’t yet placed the back center port, but should be doable. I might add an extra support and also have to remove or add boards here and there. But mostly it seems doable and a good reuse for teams that hadn’t torn down the rocket yet. I’ll post a few more pictures a little later but this is before adding the ports:


Some pictures of the upper port mounted with supports.


What a great idea!