Rev 2m distance sensor with 2022


One of the things that didn’t seem to work when we imported the 2021 code into the 2022 world was the Rev 2m distance sensor. For now we just commented it out. However, before we did that, it was causing runtime errors when it tried to initialize the sensor.

Has anyone else had success with the Rev 2m distance sensor with the 2022 firmware and WPILib, etc.?

Did you update to the 2022 release of the Rev 2m distance sensor library?

Ha, no, because that actually didn’t exist when we were recompiling that on the weekend. Thank you for pointing out there’s a new v2022.0.4 release. :slight_smile:

Funny story… I went to download the “latest” Rev Robotics Hardware client on Sunday (from and it downloaded the 1.3.0 client. I was on a slow connection so it took about half an hour. I installed it, and it said my version was out of date… I checked and there was a version 1.4.0 available, but the link in docs hadn’t been updated… would you like to update? Yes. Another 30 minutes goes by, then I do some other stuff, then uninstall 1.3.0, install 1.4.0, and start it up, and it says “your version is out of date, do you want to install 1.4.1?” It turns out they’d released a point release just a few minutes earlier!

These fast and furious version updates consume so much time during the first week of build season.

Thank you!


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