REV Alternate Encoder GetPosition/GetVelocity Labview Support

My team has been using Through Bore as the alternate encoder as the PID Sensor for our closed loops control.

It works just fine using the velocity and smart motion closed loops but we have actually noticed that we can’t get any feedback on what position/velocity our alternate encoder is, instead it just gives us the values of the hall sensor NEO encoder.
We can see that the PID is actually using the alternate encoder because for example when we set the setpoint to 1 it actualy stabilizes but when we see the Get Position VI it gives us 14 which is the value of the NEO hall sensor.

Advancing any possible questions, yes, our SparkMAX is already in alternate encoder mode and in the begin.VI we are already configuring it as the PID Sensor

We’ve also contacted the REV support and they’ve just said that

We do not have any higher-level examples or support for LabVIEW-based programming, and we do not expect that any examples for LabVIEW will be released this season

We believe that the GetPosition.VI should give us the position of our alternate encoder as it’s configurated to, but we would like to see if there is any VI or solution for this problem.

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That functionality was in fact missing, thank you for bringing that to our attention. We’ve uploaded a new installer that adds Spark MAX Get Alternate Encoder Position and Spark MAX Get Alternate Encoder Velocity VIs:

Our support representative saw your code screenshots and thought you were asking for help troubleshooting your code, instead of pointing out missing functionality in REVLib. We do have LabVIEW examples: SPARK-MAX-Examples/LabVIEW at master · REVrobotics/SPARK-MAX-Examples · GitHub


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