REV Black Friday NEO Bundles Shipping Cost

My team was interested in buying two NEO and one Neo 550 bundle but the shipping cost totaled to $90 (we are in NJ). The bundle saves like $80 in content costs.

However buying each items separately shipping is like $20 for us so in reality it’s only about $10 being saved.

What I don’t get is why the bundles have like 4 times the shipping cost versus adding all the items individually.


Probably worth an email to REV. They’re probably more likely to respond quickly there then here on a public forum.

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Maybe even a phone call…

Hi @risho900 Looks like the wrong dimensions were entered causing our system to use a larger box then required for quotation. I just fixed the issue and you can try again now.

Anyone who has purchased already we will take a look at shipping costs and make adjustments if people were over-charged.


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