REV Blinkin Problems

We have a blinkin that weve been trying to setup for awhile now with 12v and 5v LED’s but have continued to have problems with the PWM input from the roboRIO. The blinkin is connected to a 5 AMP breaker on our PDP with a PWM cable to a port on the roborio, but the status light blinks blue even when we have code designated for the blinkin, the code is supposed to be run like a spark max motor controller with input values from 1 to -1. My question is, are we using the wrong code and the PWM isnt detecting it, or do we have a faulty blinkin?

If anyone has existing code in java that has worked for the blinkin, please let us know! We want to try to get working LED’s to help our drivers and our human players for our competitions.

We’re using C++, but your problem sounds similar to what we ran into. Initially we were trying to control the PWM in the RobotPeriodic, which had your result. We moved it to TeleopPeriodic, then enabled on the driver station, and it worked. Someone mentioned you can’t control a motor in RobotPeriodic, and since your controlling the Blinkin as a motor, it needs to be in TeleopPeriodic.

Good luck.


Thanks alot! Ill let you know if this works, we will test this either tomorrow or Thursday.

For us, one thing we learned in software, that you configure a SparkMax in PWM mode, not just a generic PWM output. That worked for us.

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