REV Breakout Board, Spark Maxes, and REV Through bore encoders Question

My team is currently planning on using spark maxes in brushless mode to run NEOs. We also want to use the REV through bore encoder. Can the through bore encoder plug directly into the spark max without the use of the breakout board and still be used with a neo?

Will a Talon SRX + REV breakout board + REV through bore encoder + 775pro setup work?

Will a Talon SRX + REV through bore encoder + 775pro setup work? If so, what are the advantages of using a breakout board?

Sorry if these are really simple questions, I just want to understand what we need before we start buying more than what we already have.

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer or electrical person. I’m just the guy who orders parts.

No, you must use a breakout or an adapter to connect the Through Bore Encoder to the Data Port when running a brushless motor. The SPARK MAX must be configured in Alternate Encoder Mode to do this. The adapter that I recommend for use with the Through Bore Encoder is our Alternate Encoder Adapter. You can, however, use any available Data Port breakout and wire it by hand.

Yes. You will need to cut one end off of the 6-pin cable and solder the necessary wires to the breakout board. You can find the sensor wire pinout in the Through Bore Encoder Datasheet. Likely you will use the GND, A, B, and +V wires.

No, not natively. We do not provide a cable that connects the sensor’s 6-pin JST connector to the 2x5 Data Port connector.

Also, the SPARK MAX can drive brushed motors like the 775 as well. When in Brushed Mode, the Through Bore Encoder can be plugged directly into the front Encoder port on the MAX without needing to configure it for Alternate Encoder Mode. However, I don’t know how many of each controller you have, so you may not have the option to switch the 775s over to MAXs.

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Good to know! Thanks for the timely response!

As @dyanoshak noted, you will need some sort of breakout or custom wiring to adapt the through-bore-encoder wires to the 10 pin gadgeteer port on either motor controller. In brushed mode, that encoder can wire directly to the SPARK MAX JST port.

Probably obvious, but just in case it isn’t, if you use the 775pro or other brushed motor and the through-bore-encoder with the SPARK MAX, do NOT use the alternate encoder adapter or mode; use brushed mode and a JST-to-JST cable.

Thanks for the tips! I already knew this part…

But it would be helpful for someone who doesn’t!

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