REV CAN issues

Hi again, I have fixed my issues with my RoboRIO, but now I am getting another error. I have correctly burned all of my spark max controllers with the correct CAN ID. The only think is that when I go to update my PDH and my Pneumatics Controller it said Failed to load Boot loader. What can I do to fix this.

I’d try doing the update with the USB-C cable plugged directly into the device you are trying to update. First, be sure the Hardware Client itself has been updated.

Next, I’d take a careful look at your CAN wiring…

I’d have to agree with @nuttle on this one. If you aren’t already try plugging directly in to the device you are trying to update. For the CAN errors, I would suggest making sure you either are using a termination resistor, on the CAN is terminated at the PDH with the termination switch in the ON position.

To start with, make sure that your Rev Hardware client is up to date.

Whenever I update the PDH or PCM I have the robot off, and then I try to update it (plugged directly into the module I am updating). If that does not work, power the robot on, disconnect the device you are trying to update from the CAN bus, and then update. And I have to agree with @nuttle as well. Definitely check your CAN bus.

This may be relevant to your needs. I had bootloader errors when trying to update a PDH that was not connected to anything else. As others said, we also turn the robot off when updating stuff.

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Your error message has the detail you need

CAN Output Buffer Full. Ensure a device is attached

I’ve only seen this messages when

  1. The bus is not connected correctly to the roboRIO
  2. There is a short between the wires anywhere on the bus

This is most likely a wiring issue.


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