REV Color Sensor V3 Java Libraries

Team 5863 here.
We’ve looked into the Rev Color Sensor V3 from the KOP, and our programmers can’t figure out how to program it.
We’ve found the official site, located here:
Which contains example code for the sensor, but we can’t actually run that sensor without the software libraries. The website does also contain downloads for the software libraries, but no amount of googling or searching on these forums has helped them figure out how to actually install those libraries. How to we take this zip full of .jar’s and .md5’s and turn it into a functional, usable library?
For reference, we are programming in Java and are using the Eclipse IDE, version 2019-09 R (4.13.0)

The instructions you’re looking for are found on the WPILib 3rd Party Libraries section.

Both the online and offline installation instructions are a bit further down the page.

The instructions are provided for installing third party libraries in the supported IDE, VS Code.

Since you are using eclipse, depending on how much you’ve customized the build system those instructions may or not be relevant. Why are you using eclipse?


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