Rev Color Sensor V3 - LabVIEW library suggestions

Based on some of the testing that our team has been doing on the color sensor, here are some suggestions for enhancements to the LabVIEW library.

  1. Update the FGV VI to allow for updates to a color match entry. This would allow teams to update their color match values, perhaps using network tables, without changing the program.
  2. Allow a gain value to be applied to each color. This would allow a little more customization of the color matching.

I created an updated sample program, with the changed library routines in an auto-populating project folder. NOTE; While these compile, I haven’t gotten to test them with the sensor yet… I’ll leave that to all of you.

I changed the icons of the revised subVI.

Here is a picture of the project:

A zip file of the project is also attached. (91.8 KB)

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