REV DUO/ION AMA with Greg Needel - Tuesday 8:30pm Eastern - Details & Giveaways

Tonight: 8:30pm eastern Greg Needel Co-Founder and CEO of REV Robotics will be on to discuss all about REV’s new product lines: REV ION and REV DUO. We have a couple giveaways including being one of the first to get a new REV product (will ship when it arrives).

Live: Archived next day

If you have any questions for Greg/REV type type it here or on stream. This is a great chance for both FRC and FTC product questions.

FUN will be back with weekly streams typically on Tuesday’s and also be adding additional content with off-season events (DM if interested in having your event on FUN) and FUN Gaming League events starting soon!


Why is REV orange?

How many REV products were on Switchback?

Who is your favorite battlebot and why is it Blip? :wink:

What products are you most excited for in the new lines?


How constrained are the supplies for many of the upstream components that make up the REV products right now and how is REV overcoming the challenges of those constraints?

What’s the REV office policy on shop cats? How about raccoons?

If you were an aluminum alloy, which one would you be?


When will the Spark MAXes have the CAN FD support unlocked?


Are there any plans to release a linear elevator kit with the ION ecosystem?

Are there any concerns about #25 chain stretching over the course of a season when mounted at two fixed points?

Are there any plans to create a replacement for the main breaker with the same WAGO connections used for main power on the PDH?


What is your favorite REV product in each of the DUO and ION ecosystems?


Is the REV team looking into enabling support for adding additional CAN busses to the RoboRIO using SPARK MAX controllers connected over USB?

(Pretty sure this has been answered elsewhere, but might as well get a slightly more publicized answer :slight_smile: )


Any plans to sell the ION parts through AndyMark? I would love to use my drive base opt out voucher on these products in the fall.

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have you done wear testing on the wheels? If so which wheel has the longest life expectancy?

We’re about to start live with Greg from REV and their new product AMA. Ask any additional questions live during the show and we will get to as many as possible. We have a giveaway or two of new REV products that haven’t even arrived yet so you’ll be one of the first to get it :slight_smile:

It’s also our first stream of the month and after champs we tend to lose a lot of subs. If you have a Twitch prime sub or have a few bucks to support the stream we would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Dose Rev Ion have Solution for drop center for the drive train?

Generally we don’t recommend drop center drivetrains for most applications. A team running a WCD will have a far better experience with a flat drive that includes 2 omni wheels.

There is a way to do drop center if you want to, but that product will be part of phase 2 of ION.


Thanks to @Greg_Needel for coming back on last night to talk more about REV ION and REV DUO and to talk questions from the audience. I know we can’t always get to them all so if you have any others please ask here or in the REV ION thread.

The archive is now up on YouTube