REV Expansion Hub alternatives


Our school is looking to expand into FTC this year and being rookies in this competition we had a question about the control systems. It looks like both the REV Control Hub and Expansion Hub are out of stock until the end of the year (?) and we are wondering if there alternative control boards we can use on the robot. From my understanding of the rules, we can use an “Android Device” (which seems to mean Motorola phone) as the driver station and also use an “Android Device” as the brain (akin to the RoboRio + radio?) on the robot. But we are unsure about how to interface hardware (motors, servos, sensors, etc) with the “Android Device” on the robot. It seems like the Expansion Hub is the main solution, but given the shortage, are there any alternatives? Or are we basically hooped on participating and expanding into FTC this year?

Mahalo in advance for any advice and information on this issue!

The only legal control system configurations would be
A. Two phones (one as the driver station and one as the robot controller) from the list RE07 in game manual part 1. The robot side phone would connect to a REV Expansion hub.

B. One phone (connected to the REV Expansion Hub) and one REV Driver Hub (as the driver station).

C. One phone (as the driver station) and the REV Control hub (as the robot controller).

D. One REV Driver Hub (as the driver station) and the REV Control hub (as the robot controller).

This is backed by RE06 and the definition of a Robot Controller (“A REV Control Hub or an allowed smartphone Android Device connected to a REV Expansion Hub…”).

Theoretically, rookies will have a priority on REV control system hardware when purchased from the FIRST Storefront (where you pay registration). Additionally contact your local PDP to see if there are retiring teams that might sell you their’s.


Mahalo for the breakdown! That was in line with our understanding as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an Expansion Hub or Driver Hub at some point for this season.

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