REV Hardware Client: CAN Bus error

Hi! I was trying to configure the robot and this message popped up.

I double checked the wiring and I replaced damaged CAN wire.
Please help!

Thank you,

Did it just pop up once, or is it a recurring problem? If you reboot the robot and hardware client, does it still appear? If it’s still appearing, does the timestamp change or is it always the same?

I rebooted the robot and hardware client and it still appears. The timestamp did change.
Additionally, when I plug the USB-C cable in to configure the controllers, they started blinking red - yellow (brushed motors) and red - cyan (brushless motors).

Thank you.

I don’t see red/yellow or red/cyan listed as defined blink codes, which makes me think its either a combination of codes or the “red” you describe is actually orange (which would be valid fault codes)

Are all your CAN devices showing up in the list?

This kind of error is often a wiring or bus termination issue. You can search around here for troubleshooting advice in this area.

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