Rev hardware client not allowing neo test

When I try to test a neo through a spark max, if the spark max is connected to power and in a can chain, the client will say that the rio has full control over running the motor and won’t allow it to, but when it isn’t powered, there is a active gate driver fault and won’t allow me to run the motor (most likely due to the fault)
These are neos and spark maxs that work with code and we’re working with the client before the 2024 kickoff
I will be able to test solutions tomorrow during our robotics timeframe, but right now we’re cleaning up, and I’m just frustrated with wasting 30 min on possible solutions like changing computers and usb ports.

You’ll need to power the spark max through the robot battery but at the same time make sure that you aren’t providing CAN signal from the rio. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Remove the fuse for the Rio from the PDP/PDH
  2. Remove the power wires for the Rio from the PDP/PDH
  3. Remove the power wires from the Rio

Also, if the spark max sees the rio at any point in the current cycle, it will be locked out. The best practice is to remove the power to the rio while the robot is off, then turn power on the robot.