REV Max Swerve- Break-in and Lubrication

Team 7694 got our new REV Max Swerve drives installed and running today! Big accomplishment for a small team. We love the drives and support REV provides for assembly and coding.

Question for the group is what is the best advice for break-in and lubrication?

The drives are not quiet by any stretch but not to the point that I am concerned.

We just want to optimize the life and wear of the drives.

Have seen here where others recommend white lithium grease which we will use barring any other recommendations.

My team also just got them recently and just got them working, our plan is to put grease on the gears like how team helix did it. Here’s a link to what they did and some tips they have: Tech Tip 6 - Protect REV Robotics MAXSwerve modules from FOD - YouTube.

We’re using PTFE SuperLube.

I despise white lithium.


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