Rev Maxswerve Lubrication

Hello! We were wondering 1) if we should and 2) how we should / where we should lubricate our rev maxswerve modules. I couldnt seem to find anything on the topic of lubrication on the assembly guide or online. We 3d printed guards that go around it so it doesn’t spray any lubrication out. Is there anything we specifically shouldn’t lubricate? Thank you so much in advance!

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Don’t know the official answer but we did add some. And have a cover.

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Did you use white lithium? Also did you just put it on every single gear interaction in the module?

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White Lithium grease will be good for this application


Thank you so much!! We’re really loving these modules, the whole team thanks you and the whole rev team :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing the files for the 3D printed guards?

Here is link to the 111 & 112 build blog ones.

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