Rev NEO 550 back of motor mounting holes usage

Has anyone used the back of the NEO 550 motor mounting holes for anything?

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The whole thing spins, right? So not sure what you’d put there either.

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A pulley, its an outrunner. They specifically designed it for that use. we had a 3d printed pulley that went around the outrunner in 2020 had a place to screw into those holes but press fit was enough to carry the torque


Isn’t that the point? Not that I’ve ever tried to direct drive something from a NEO 550, but if you wanted to, would be an alternate way to spin a hub/pulley if you didn’t have a shaft coupler or pinion gear

Anyone considering installing something on the spinning shell of the NEO 550 should probably consider how well the bearings would tolerate side loads applied to it. It may be best to call REV to find out before committing to such a scheme.

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We had started to look at using this last year to adjust our angled hood. Initially we 3D printed a gear that went around the entire motor and picked up those bolt holes. We ended up going away from it and using a planetary gearbox, but it did seem to function at least initially. Hard agree on needing to probably find a way to support both ends though.


We actually did use the outrunner of the neo 550 for our hood, but it went through a gear reduction before the hood.

I don’t have a picture of the actual implementation but here it is in CAD.


Not an actual application either, but I designed this ridiculousness when the 550 came out.

That entire thread is full of some fun designs.

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@Ryan_Dognaux I see a great potential thrifty bot product. A flanged stub shaft with the bolt pattern. A 3/8 round (or hex) shaft should fit in the hole pattern with enough room. Clamp your printed part between this and the motor, super easy.

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Pretty positive the REV 1/2" hex output bolts to the back. Probably have to sand down the nub on it, never tried it - UltraPlanetary 1/2in Hex Adapter - REV Robotics


Very cool, had not seen that before. That’s more or less what I hand in mind.

The back bolts on the motor can be used for anything you want*. The hole pattern matches up with our Motion Pattern from the REV DUO product line so any of our gears, sprockets, wheels, etc can mount there.

*while you do have bearings inside the motor it is still cantilevered if you don’t add extra support to the motor in high load applications.

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This should mount on the back too, and if you have a bunch of CIM-style pinions laying around you can use them. Fun trick, you can use one of those CIM-style gears as a pinion of sorts for a larger pulley.


Would there be an easy way to use it as input to an UltraPlanetary? I have a picture in my head of a motor with a gearbox on either side :slight_smile:

Just as I recommend with a typical shaft use, take the axial and torsion (across the axis) loads off your motor with appropriate bearings. Assuming the the NEO550 is like most outrunners it has bearings front and back but if you are loading it at any distance from your mount you want to place bearings on the other side of the load. If you have axial loads then you want thrust or combo bearings.

Not easily. You could make a shaft that you could press the pinion on but you would be missing the ridged bolt patterns to mount the gearbox

On our 2020 robot, we ‘press fit’ a polycarbonate tube onto that end of a 550 and used that for our upper roller on our hopper. You can barely see it in the upper right of this picture.


You can put the 1/2” hex UltraPlanetary output shaft on the back of the 550 as said above, but I think this is a little cooler

8802 drove their leaf blowers with 2 550s


What’s keeping those shells connected? Just pins?