Rev neo motor will not work with CAN and goes nuts when run through client


My team got a couple of rev neos with max controllers. When I try to run the motor via usb, it starts to run away uncontrollably. any ideas?

Let’s take a look at one scenario at a time, first USB:

  • Please elaborate on the uncontrolled behavior you’re seeing.
    • What does the Status LED indicate
    • Describe the motor behavior
  • Please elaborate on the sequence of events that leads to the uncontrolled behavior you’re describing.
    • Which buttons have you pressed in the Client?
    • Have you changed any of the SPARK MAX parameters from their default values?
  • Have you updated the SPARK MAX to the latest firmware version 1.0.385?
  • Have you updated the SPARK MAX Client to its latest version 0.13.4?

just downloaded the fresh firmware and client. when I turn the motor on in the run section, even though the slider is set to zero, it gives a hard jerk and starts pulsing the running randomly. status led indicates cyan blink. parameters are default

I have deactivated brake mode now, and it works with CAN. will check now with the client.

I have checked it with the client. the light is solid magenta, and with a couple of occasional blips. the motor runs very jerkily with the client and will not go full speed - maybe jerks to full speed a couple times then rapid up and down at low speed. it works well with the can bus though.

We have never seen this behavior in our testing or reported by other users, so thank you for the additional information and help as we continue to troubleshoot.

Brake and Coast mode should not be affecting the CAN communication, therefore I believe something else is going on that coincidentally changed when you switched modes.

Please send us a video to [email protected], going through step by step from plugging in the SPARK MAX to trying to run through the client. Pause momentarily at each step so that we can see wiring, Client settings, status LED, etc.

What ended up being the problem here?

I still dont know. it is working fine now when I switched the CAN id from 0 to 5

On the latest firmware CAN Id 0 is considered unconfigured and is disabled