REV NEO550 (previously Leaked 550 BLDC ?!?!?!)

Looks like Greg told us that a new 550 BLDC is coming out. Owner confirmed!



BTW, where is this source coming from? I can’t seem to find this post anywhere.

If true, hoping for a 5mm shaft and a 775 bolt circle / mounting boss.


Does this screenshot really confirm anything other than an announcement?

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No arguments there, though I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit slimmer than a 775; one of the reasons I still use BAG motors on occasion is because they nest behind a Versaplanetary gearbox without protruding, unlike 775s.

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That is a screenshot of a different chat app called Discord.


Found this… Don’t know if I am amazing or this is already general knowledge.


OMG thank you! I was wondering what he was referring to. Do you think that we can use 4 of these per drive gearbox like the 775pros or should we up or decrease the qty per gearbox?

It’s impossible to say yet until they release the full motor specs, but I doubt these will be as powerful as 775pros. Even though the 550 designation technically only refers to the can size, they are usually weaker than their equivalent 775 style counterparts. Whether this motor balances the reduced max. power with decreased self-destructive-ness so that it can replace 775pros in a drivetrain remains to be seen.

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You’re amazing and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.


Initial glance at this makes it look like an outrunner - this could open up the opportunity to do a very elegant intake roller where the roller material actually goes around the outer bell of the motor, enabling really easy mounting/elegant design.
Not sure if I’d want to run an intake at ~12000 rpm though…

Darn. Hoped it was a true outrunner.

Are you sure? It looks like an outrunner with sprocket mounting on the back end.

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Actually, it might be a true outrunner. The page description for the NEO 550 says “Out-runner construction” while the NEO says “Shielded out-runner construction”.

If it’s a true outrunner, that presents a whole host of both benefits and potential drawbacks.

I have a hard time seeing the best configuration of motors as anything other than the NEO 550 and the new VEX/CTRE one, whatever they’re calling it

It is a true out-runner, the product page even says the back casing has the same motion profile as REV motion parts such as pulleys and gears so you can mount directly to the back of the motor. You could also clamp a tube around the motor for a really simple intake roller.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t out-runner motors present an entirely new set of potential safety hazards, given the case of the motor spins? I can already see teams getting wires or other things tangled in them. That said, I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard for REV to just sell a separate enclosure for it if they wanted to (or for that matter, for teams to just 3D print one).

With all due respect, that’s kind of a problem with the design if the wires get stuck like that. The case also looks pretty smooth and enclosed unlike some more traditional outrunners I’ve seen, so it shouldn’t be too bad if it gets touched accidentally or something.

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Not being familiar with the term outrunner, am I understanding this correctly:

When the face of the motor is mounted to a fixed structure, the rear “can” rotates along with the nominal output shaft, and the holes on the back of the can constitute a built-in REV-motion (16mm bolt circle?) hub?

Did someone just say shooter game?