REV NEO550 (previously Leaked 550 BLDC ?!?!?!)

Yes, sensorless brushless motors & motor controllers exist. You sacrifice some of the performance of the motors, especially when it comes to running at lower voltage and/or when spinning up. They are common in things like RC planes, where you don’t often operate near the bottom of the voltage/throttle range and stutters on spin-ups aren’t particular important.

Now, it may still be possible to strip out further cost by removing other “smart” features aside of the sensored motor inputs, such as taking away the ability to use CAN and the data ports.

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My team has a box we will graciously undercut to $30 each, a full fifth of MSRP.

A sensorless BLDC controller for about $45 would be great to have. It’ll be a [squares]show if they don’t make it clear that it’s for smaller motors only, though. I think I’d prefer a “less smart” controller that just takes PWM and the encoder cable for the time being for the sake of safety

We’re literally giving ours away for free tomorrow. Come stop by our kickoff event to get one (or all of them).

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I’m not sure how well this would actually sell as people seem to be migrating to everything on CAN. DIO on the Rio is becoming less and less utilized. This may be a skewed view through Chief Delphi not representing the average team, but CAN and smart features on the controller have been a huge step up for the community. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next control system be even more dependent on the CAN bus.

I’m sorry, but removing sensored motor inputs before CAN is very backwards. I assumed, when people said “budget” they meant a PWM sensored controller with no frills. Why would you sacrifice performance before ease of connectivity? There are plenty of cheapo sensored controllers, although you may get a performance decrease from messy signal output/generation.

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I’ve moved away from the volatile Victor market. I’ve had a bull day with my stock of 2004-2005 Robot controllers and OIs thanks to rampant speculation following 900’s post.



How would you want us to ensure everything is lined up? Just eyeball it and hope for the best? And if we need to remove a press fit, can we just use a dremel?

From Machinery’s Handbook and personal experience (basically not the manufacturer) careful application of heat from a propane torch is enough to expand most pressfit pullies, gears, etc to the point that they easily slide off and can be reused. Technically, both the shaft and whatever you pressed onto it are now slightly worn down and less capable of transmitting torque, but we haven’t come across any issues in reusing the same 4 or so pullies from 10+ 775 Pros.

And fun fact for any of you gold robot teams, the Vex anodization turns gold-brown when torched.


I haven’t looked up the temps in awhile, but keep in mind that you can change/loose the temper on materials when heating them up dramatically. (for the students, in 6061-T6 the T6 part is the temper which makes the material stronger)

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Forget motors, do you have enough color sensors…


Each team gets one in the KOP, so it seems lke they’ve prepared :slight_smile:

The product page for the Color Sensor V3 was updated with information needed to get up and running for Infinite Recharge.

Also, we made this video to help show teams how it works.

Happy Kickoff!


Ordered on Friday, shipped on Monday. So far so good; looking forward to getting these to play with later this week.


Are you running strictly REV motors? I only ask to see if there’s an issue with running say, Falcons on the drive train and the 550s for shooters etc as far as integrating the code. Meaning, are there caveats with the two different types of programming? I’m NOT a programmer in any way, it’s just a curiosity of mine.

We haven’t decided which motors we’ll be running, yet. Lots of options this year! :grinning:

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There are no issues with running different types of motors on your robots. You just need to grab all the vendor libraries for each of the products you are using and you are all set.


Thanks, Greg. Like I said, I’m not involved in programming in any way, and I wasn’t sure about/if the complexity of different databases as such being overly difficult to program together etc.

I appreciate the info! I’m trying as much as possible to understand all aspects as I move through the FRC world.

@Greg_Needel FYI, the datasheet has a bit of a typo:


Just to double check, when we connect to the 550, we still have to use 12AWG if it’s going to a 40A breaker even tho the motor has 16AWG?

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Correct, the only exception for the wire gauge rules are the parts of the wire that come with a motor (the same has been true for CIM motors for many years).