REV NEO550 (previously Leaked 550 BLDC ?!?!?!)

I wasn’t thinking of such a big power increase. The last time we tried using 550s on a shooter was in 2013, and we found them to be the worst option among the choices we had at the time. I’m not positive but I think we ended up using CIMs with those Frisbees. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of power coming out of these little motors now.

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FWIW, 1114 (among many others) used 4 RS-550 motors on our shooter in 2013.


How long until we see a three-550 drive gearbox I wonder


I’m also overwhelmed by the amount of things I have yet to learn. Thanks to the several of you for helping me see that my assumptions can be wildly wrong.


BB550s are measured at about 190W, so not really that different but with the NEO 550 being brushless and not air cooled we should be able to use the low end more effectively than the fan cooled BB550 where stalling them led to smocking and power reduction.

If these motors are actually ~200W and are about as hard to burn as the NEO, I could see them replacing the 775pro as the go-to mechanism motor. A 775pro derated to 75% (9V) puts out 195W. They also (presumably) run at a much higher free speed and are easier to burn up during programming/tuning (if not also during competition). They’re about the same price when you account for both the more expensive motor controller and internal encoder. Looking forward to hearing more details as they’re released.

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Are people expecting these to have a similar power output as an rs-550? Considering the jump in power from MiniCIM to a Neo or Falcon, I would expect these to be much higher power, and much more efficient. Big power in a tiny form factor would be pretty big for mounting on moving mechanisms or anywhere space is extra tight.

i dunno… either i’m not getting it or this seems a bit fishy…

67 used multiple 550s for shooting in 2013 and 2016. It’s definitely a good power range and RPM for belting to shooters.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember a time back when I was a student (around 2012/2013) when there was an issue with 775-series motors (something like a case short?) that led to teams using multiple 550s in places where 775s would normally be a more preferable motor. Was this ever a deciding factor in 1114’s and 67’s use of 550-based shooters?

This isn’t to say that 550s can’t make a good shooter (as clearly evidenced by the success of y’all’s robots from those years), I’m just curious if the issues with 775s at the time played any role in your motor selections for your shooter mechanisms.


The RS775 is also only ~250w at peak, compared to the 190w of the 550. Not a huge increase for a more bulky and, as you mentioned, electrically problematic motor.

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Ah, I was unaware of that. That definitely makes the change to the 550 make more sense.

I had almost forgotten about this. We had terrible experiences with the case shorts on the old Banebot 775’s in 2011. As such, we tried avoiding them whenever possible. Although I don’t remember any specific discussions, it’s a safe bet it factored into our decision to use the 550s. That being said, the form factor and weight of the 550s probably factored in as well.


We’ll be pros at that :wink:

Anyone who wasn’t around for the case short debacle really missed out. As I recall, there was a manufacturing issue that could result in small metallic debris in the motor, with the potential to short either or both contacts to the case. The official, recommended fix was to take a charged battery, touch one lead to the motor case, and then the other lead to each of the motor terminals in turn. This ran a few dozen amps through the debris and basically vaporized them.

Back on 418, we turned out the lights and called everyone into the shop to watch that procedure. It was pretty dramatic, with arc light and occasionally fire coming out of the motor ventilation ports.

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Any video?!

I don’t have any (didn’t own a cameraphone at the time), but someone else might. Pretty much every team that used RS775s was doing this in 2011(?).

Same boat with 469; we ended up redesigning our elevator gearbox in 2011 to switch to from the 775s to the 550s, and did not use the 775s for any year after that while I was a student.

That being said, we used tons of BB550 motors (2 on the 2011 elevator, 2012 and 2013 intakes were 1x550, 2012 shooter was 4x550, 2013 conveyors were multiple 550s.

I mention these just to give examples of where the NEO 550 can be used; it can be an extremely versatile motor, used in many situations where 775pros are used today. It gives you a nice option of trading away some power to shed some weight: competition is great!


Can’t wait to make a drivetrain with some of these


Can someone post a pic/video of a mechanism where the face of the motor is solidly attached and the can is attached to a mechanism? It doesn’t necessarily need to be the 550 just another motor where this would work. We are having trouble picturing how such a mechanism would work. I have seen suggestions about using this for an intake roller mechanism, but I am not exactly sure what is being suggested.