REV NEO550 (previously Leaked 550 BLDC ?!?!?!)

mounts like this

I sure other mounting options exist.
Face mount with the can attached to a mechanism, like a SHOOTER wheel! :grin:
Honestly, I wouldn’t shock load it like that, but you get the idea.


The NEO 550 with the Ultraplanetary, REV mouting plates, and a sprocket or pulley is a really cost effective way to build FRC mechanisms.

$25 - NEO 550
$75 - Spark MAX
$36 - up to 60:1 gearbox (200 RPM free speed output at the max reduction)
$5 - 4 pack of mounting brackets
$3 - 15 tooth #25 sprocket

$144 total


Seems a little silly that you need to buy a different motor to get this gearbox. Hopefully Rev has plans to sell this with the NEO 550 or individually. Don’t need more motors I’ll never use sitting around… all that room is taken up by CIMs.


You already can, they sell the stages individually at $8 a piece and the face plate at $2 for a two pack, so just a 60:1 gear box is $26. At least from what I can tell.

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Have you had a chance to play around with this setup in an FRC-like application? I haven’t seen an UltraPlanetary in the flesh, and while I trust it could handle the low bar of FTC loading I don’t have insight to how it’d handle something with nearly an order of magnitude more power.

Edit to add: Also, add $3.50 for the locking hub for the sprocket if I understand it right. haha never mind I don’t understand it right

I haven’t played with it (clearly since the NEO 550s aren’t for sale yet). But I’ve talked to Greg and other REV employs and am willing to give it a try.

You don’t need that, the sprocket will bolt directly to the output of the Ultraplanetary. You just need some M3 bolts.

I don’t see where you can currently buy the input and output plates for the Ultraplantery separate from the pack.

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I got a couple of the Ultra Planetary for our FTC team. I have not done much with them but the quality is very good. Good size gears with quality bearings and a nice steel output connection. Way overbuilt for FTC. I really like products that I can use in FTC & FRC.

Any idea when the motor data sheet will be available?

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I don’t think I would ever use a 550 as a shooter motor, but it would be pretty sweet if that casing fit inside of, say, a polycarbonate tube for an intake.

Edit: I should read more carefully on a Saturday morning, at least two people already suggested the same thing

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Why not?

Because I would have to buy some, I guess. We haven’t had any in stock since 2013. It also would depend on what we were shooting I suppose

Might work well for shooting ping pong balls, but Frank would never go there.

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No, never. Ping pong balls would be bad Energy

Watch Energy be ping pong balls now


Field reset gonna need a lotta shop vacs.

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Maybe we will shoot corn kernels

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The NEO 550 should be somewhere around the same wattage as a MiniCIM I believe (~200w ish based on other motors and what other people have said). Plenty of people have built shooters for multiple games using MiniCIMs

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Many of Woodie’s MIT 2.70 challenges in the late 80s and early 90s used ping pong balls. King of the Hill was one of my favorites. Using ping pong balls in some way in a game would be a nod to the class that inspired FRC. Although it would be more suited to FTC than FRC. The 2.70 machines were much closer to FTC size.

Couldn’t find king of the hill, but here is a documentary on Ping Pong Harvest. Singing the drinking song is bringing back fond memories…

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Did I hear somebody say minibots?