Rev packages on pip?

Hey y’all, We are trying to use the color sensor v3 from rev via robotpy. However, when we try to install the robotpy-rev-color package pip picks up the 2021 version and reinstalls a bunch of other 2021 robotpy related packages and when it does that, the code doesn’t deploy.

Are we supposed to wait for the 2022 packages? says that the latest available version is 2021.1.2.0

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From REVLib Information - SPARK MAX

Migrating from the SPARK MAX API and/or Color Sensor V3 API

Beginning with 2022, The SPARK MAX API and the Color Sensor V3 API have been merged into a unified library called REVLib. You need to make sure that you have uninstalled those old libraries before you install REVLib.

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Sorry about the inconvenience, but as far as I know pip doesn’t have a good way to facilitate this sort of migration.

As Joe pointed out, installing robotpy-rev will install the software for the color sensor.

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Thank both of you so much. :slight_smile:

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