REV PCM Popping Fuses

At our last competition, towards the end of the day, we began to blow the fuse associated with the REV pneumatics control module.

Anyone else have a similar situation?

3 air tanks
1 kop compressor
2 pistons for the intake
2 large bore pistons for the climber

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We encountered the exact same issue: we blew through three 15 amp breakers on the designated low power port for the PCM on the PDH even with the compressor unplugged one time. We ended up changing the PCM to a high current port with a 20 amp resetting breaker on the PDH as a fix.

We had several other extremely strange issues with the REV PCM (like our pneumatic randomly actuating, “twitching”, even without calls in code even after hours of troubleshooting) that we just switched back to the CTRE PCM and everything has been working fine since then. (I could explain more in detail about our other issues but that’s the gist of it)

We were using:
2 air tanks
1 kop compressor
1 solenoid on the intake
3 solenoids for the climber

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What size fuse are you using? You can use a 20a fuse to power a pneumatic hub or PCM that has a compressor connected.

Ah that might be it. I believe @Mr_1033 you were using the blue 15a ones right?

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If the compressor was unplugged that seems more likely to be caused by wires shorting. Any whiskers that didn’t make it fully inserted?

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Yep. Called REV. REV said to do what many said on here and put it on a higher fuse on the PDH.

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