REV PDH not showing on software

Even when it’s connected properly via USB-C the PDH does not show up on the REV software.

Please check out this page Power Distribution Hub Troubleshooting - Power Distribution Hub

Also please make sure you have the latest REV hardware client, and check your USB cable itself.

If you have any continued issues after going through the steps on that site, please email us [email protected]

I tried all of this, the only thing that worked was connecting my USB-C into a SparkMax that was plugged into the CAN bus. This causes the PDH to show up as a device, however, the firmware is “unknown” and any attempt to update it, even administrator fails.

I agree that this doesn’t seem right. Call us first thing Monday morning 844-255-2267 or email us at [email protected] and we will get you all squared away ASAP.

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