Rev Pneumatics Hub & Device Over Current

Hey folks! So we’re facing some issues with the Rev Pneumatics hub going into the “Device Overcurrent” State:

Our pneumatics setup is:

  1. Andymark 1.1 compressor
  2. 2x these valves
  3. 1x this valve
  4. 1x this valve

We are definitely aware of the air input filter issues with the 1.1 compressor. We’ve backed off the intake filter to make sure it’s not rubbing on the crankshaft.

I’m not seeing anything in my rev hardware client (just the CAN bus) to get info on the sticky faults, or which device is triggering the symptom.

It doesn’t happen all the time - sometimes it triggers about 1 second into having the robot enabled, sometimes 10 minutes or more. Seems fairly random… I can’t say we’ve found any particular action it’s correlated with. Most of the time it’s been with the robot just sitting still and not changing.

It’s problematic because it seems like it “sticks” - all our pneumatics won’t work until we power cycle the robot. This is… not ideal.

We’ve swapped back to the CTRE pneumatics board for now, hopefully the issue either goes away or we get more info.

Looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences or thoughts on debugging it?

We had a bad solder joint on the digital input switch. Similar symptoms. Contacted Rev support and they’ve been great at troubleshooting it. Swapping it for a new one today.

If its an old compressor you might want to see if you can lube the sleeve bearings with a little light oil. NOT WD-40, of course!

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@gerthworm If you wouldn’t mind doing some off-season troubleshooting, please email [email protected] so we can figure out what’s going on with this.

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