REV Restock Notifications

Is there a way to get notified for REV restocks? We were too slow on the first one, and we really can’t afford to miss the next one.

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REV Robotics is proud to Introduce REV ION!


Go to whatever product page you want thats out of stock, and there is an option to put your email address in (see attached photo below) to recieve an automated email notification when that specific product comes back in stock.

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That isn’t shown for me, just a greyed-out “out of stock button.” Something I’m missing?

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Unfortunately I’ve noticed this is browser dependent at times. Try Firefox instead of Chrome or vise versa

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also try disabling ad blockers and accepting cookies.


I had seen the notification boxes previously, but do not see them now either.
I have requested notification, so maybe that option is not presented if the user has already requested notification?

Or possibly…

What if you already need to have an account with REV, and be logged in? I can’t tell for @cad321 but he might be logged in when taking that screenshot.

Wait, let’s ask an expert. @Greg_Needel?

Just double checked/confirmed that I am NOT logged in, and am seeing the restock notification option/field.

Confirmed on Chrome for my Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Android), and on my work computer (Chrome, Windows 10).

Agreed @Greg_Needel would be a good person to ask.

I’m not seeing it on Firefox, or Edge. Or, for that matter, on Chrome on my Galaxy A53.

(All three are up to date.)

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It looks like you do need to accept all cookies for the site in order to get that to display, something I typically don’t do for any websites.

I was testing it and downloaded Firefox. Before accepting cookies, I didn’t have it:

But after accepting all cookies and refreshing the page, I did:


Did a little more digging. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click the “Manage Website Data Collection Preferences” link, and then enable “Functional” cookies. After doing that and refreshing the page, it showed up for me in Chrome, where I had previously declined all cookies.


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