Rev Robotics 100:1 gear box we are having an issue and can’t seem to fix, watch video and help if you can.

What motor are you using and how are you running the motor currently? is it through code or just electrical signal?

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We are using a Neo brushless running it through a sparkmax motor controller and everything is canbused. its through code.

This looks like a code or electrical wiring problem, not an issue with the gearbox.

I see you are driving this through robot code, try using the hardware client to isolate if it is a code issue or electrical.

Things I would check in order

  1. Check the 3 wires between the NEO and SPARK max are all connected securely. (a bad Anderson crimp is potentially the issue here)

  2. Make sure the NEO encoder motor cable is fully pushed into the SPARK MAX and that none of the wires have a cut or nick on them

  3. Verify your robot battery is charged and the current limit on the spark max is set to atleast 40A. A low current limit and low battery can cause this kind of shutter.


Building on what Greg said - consider removing your motor from the gearbox and running it by itself to verify smooth operation and correct speed / direction.

IF that shows no issues, then add layers of the gearbox on one by one to start ruling out what causes your problem.

We had an issue with the Falcon not rotating and finally realized we had forgotten the thin spacer plate between the motor and the first stage (causing the mounting screws to go to far into the falcon). Not sure if this plate is required for the NEO but wanted to mention it.

The spacer plate is not required for the NEO.

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