REV Robotics 2021

Another season has come so its time for an update from your friends at REV Robotics. This year we don’t have a full thread of shiny new products or motors for you, but there are some big updates that we wanted to share.

REV Hardware Client now supports SPARK Max

In 2020, we released a new piece of software called the REV Hardware Client that was launched for our FTC control system items, I am now excited to share a bit more about this software for FRC. This software will be our one-stop place for all of REV hardware moving forward. It does lots of neat things like updating your device firmware, installing the right APIs, live logging, motor control, and even direct support requests to REV. In the future as we release new products, like the 2022 FRC Control system parts, they will also live in the hardware client.

We have now pushed out software to now support SPARK Max. You can Download the software and also check out our updated SPARK Max documents.

Note - The stand alone SPARK Max client will still function through 2021, but will receive no more updates.

Ultraplanetary 1/2in Hex Adapter - We launched it a while ago, but it might be useful for teams who would like to use the Ultraplanetary Gearbox on their FRC robotics as it makes interacting with standard FRC products a bit easier

Other new stuff

  • We have several new products that will be released when they are ready, several of them in the next couple weeks. I will update this thread as things are available.
  • 2022 FRC Control system components are still under testing and we are planning on releasing more information about them in them in the early part of this year.

Any chance you might be offering the UP gearbox bundled with the NEO 550 instead of bundled with the HD Hex motor?


This is not something we are going to be doing this season

Any info on the simulation stuff? I versions and I see things showing up as a SimDevice in the hal gui, but setting things programmatically doesn’t seem to do anything. It does look like changing the value in the gui does get reflected when calling get() / getAppliedOutput(). Do we have to do everything manually?

The schema for your sim device doesn’t match the WebSocket Format, which would be super nice. At the very least I would prepend it with RevMotor: if you don’t want to follow CTRE’s naming convention

See this for info on interacting with the sim data. You can get the "Applied Output" SimDouble/field and set it that way as a workaround.
@Will_Toth - it would seem that CANSparkMaxJNI.c_SparkMax_SetpointCommand doesn’t write the output to the simulation objects. I suppose this is a bug. Do you want me to send a bug report to email support? The above workaround can be used until a fix is released. TIA.

Thanks for the report, we’re looking into this. We plan to add some better methods to expose the internal state (instead of using the SimDeviceSim), some examples, which will make usage clear, and some documentation to our new documentation site