REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

Hey Everyone, its that time of the year again for REV to announce new products, update people on availability and get you ready for the season. We have a number of new things as part of REV ION Phase 2, we are excited to announce today. I will keep this thread updated starting today through the FRC season to keep you up to date.

First up is an update to our NEO to version 1.1 NEO Brushless Motor V1.1 - REV Robotics

  • A tapped #10-32 hole was added to the end of the shaft, allowing teams to retain pinions on the shaft without the need for an external retaining ring.
  • A tapped #10-32 hole was added to the back housing of the motor. When a #10-32 x 3/8in long socket head screw is inserted into this hole and tightened finger tight, this screw supports the internal shaft while pressing pinions, making it no longer necessary to remove the motor housing to press pinions (instructions coming soon).
  • Additional holes were added to the front face of the motor, which allows for more flexibility in orientation when mounting the motor.

more to come…


We have just gone back into stock for power distribution hub and pneumatic hub. This is just batch 1, there will be more coming before the end of the year if you don’t get them during this batch. We are limiting teams to 2 units, until we get all of our inventory for the season.


Kudos to Rev!

Even with all of the supply chain challenges, it looks like they were able to come through and have a good amount of stock of electrical items before season!!

I’m sure pulling this off was no easy feat.


Should we expect updates to the SparkMAX, or are we fine to order that as-is right now?


Just saw the Control System parts come in stock at the Canadian site, which is awesome! I did notice however there doesn’t appear to be an order limit on that site (just tried adding 45 PDH’s to my cart and it seemed to go through). Is this intentional?


probably not

That’s why I’m asking. I’m worried about some teams trying to buy more than 2 (my team isn’t quite ready to order yet), and us not being able to get any down the road because all the inventory is gone.


I’m also thinking about how long the inventory will last. Without knowing how many are in stock it’s hard to tell.



I just put in a pretty sizeable REV order this morning, and just put in another. :smiley:


If a bolt is threaded into the new tapped hole on the back, would you still be able to run the motor? Is the bolt connected to the shaft then?

The shaft and housing rotate relative to each other, so I wouldn’t do this.

hole plugs / tape / supershort button head are probably better sealing options.


I suppose I didn’t ask that question right. If the recommended 3/8 socket head 10-32 is threaded into that back hole, when the shaft is spun does the bolt spin with it? I do not know how the NEO is built internally, so I cannot picture where the bolt is threaded into.


The back bolt would be threaded into the housing, not the shaft, so it would drag on the motor shaft.

They can’t tap the back end of the shaft because of the pressfit/rollpin that holds the rotor to the shaft.


This is fixed


No, this is purely a tool for pressing pinions on. The screw absolutely has to be removed before operating the motor.


Does it need to be a socket head screw? Could it be button or hex? Maybe a dumb question, but just wondering.

Also, is there a safe screw length that we can use to cap the hole when not in use?

McMaster sells #10-32 screws in lengths as short as 1/8", and nylon patch #10-32 as short as 1/4".

The thread length on these fittings is just under 3/16".

Could you attach a 10-32 threaded push-to-connect fitting to that hole for pneumatic motor cooling like you can with the side vent ports on Falcons?

As long as the threads are short enough, I’d imagine it wouldn’t cause any interference issues at least? :thinking:

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Probably? But why. It doesn’t do anything useful on the Falcon, so it probably won’t on the Neo


I recall some threads with data on this showing that it does have a (marginal) impact on cooling

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We’ve used them to blast air into falcons after a match to cool them down rapidly for back-to-back matches. It’s especially helpful when it’s a motor that runs constantly (like our shooter this year).

There aren’t a lot of practical ways to use them during a match though I will agree.