REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

Is anyone else having issues with the new 90 degree gearboxes binding up just by spinning it by hand? When you tighten the screws that hold it together it gets worse but you can loosen screws and it gets better but never spins freely all the way around. It almost seems like the is one tooth on the gears that don’t mesh correctly. Maybe the standoffs are just a bit to short and causing it to bind with the proper torque on the assembly? Any one seeing this same problem? We are seeing this on both gearboxes we purchased.
Thanks in advance!

Oh lookie here. It even showed up a day ahead of schedule!

Kudos to the REV staff who were clearly good at Tetris in their youth!


I remember hearing something about rev hardware client having some maxswerve tuning capabilities, I can’t seem to find it though and am wondering if it was a late night CAD hallucination of mine or not. If it does exist where do I find it and if there are any instructions/docs on how to use it, and if it doesn’t, how do you recommend tuning the swerve modules (SysID, conventional PID?). Thank you so much! Look forward to getting the modules Saturday :eyes:


Please reach out to our customer service team and they will help identify if it is a product defect or something else is going on. Please include photos/videos as it speeds the process up significantly.

Not a dream, there is an update for the hardware client coming. The swerve features are derivative of the absolute position features. I know we were trying to beat swerve modules “in hand” with the release of it, but it will be within the next week or so. In the meanwhile there will be some additional information specifically for swerve in our docs on how the absolute position calibration works and how it applies to swerve. I’m sorry about the delay but there were some bugs we discovered late during testing that would be very frustrating for teams, so we are working as fast as possible to resolve them so we can release these features


Thanks Greg

Another update: Introducing the REV ION 2023 Starter bot.

The Starterbot, similar to FTC ’s version will give teams a starting point. We feel that projects like this and Everybot help teams who need a leg up or are not sure where to start each season. One of the nice things about REV ION is that the robot will not require fabrication beyond cutting the length of a few parts down, meaning it can be taken apart, and reconfigured as the season evolves or just used as a way to get something moving fast. It is our goal to release plans that are compatible with the AM14U drivetrain, an ION West cost drive, and also a REV Swerve drive.

You can check out the CAD now on Onshape

We will have a build guide and additional resources posted next week.


Really great resource, really slick implementation of a solid L1+L2 robot. Hope lots of teams that are struggling to make something hit L3 look at this and realize that - with tuning - this robot could outscore a LOT of L3 robots!


This thing is awesome especially so early in the season. I also like the term starter bot as it implies you should add more but let’s you get most of the game done.



I really like the REVrybot. Nice job. Now I’m trying to figure out how were goanna do something better.


I was curious as to the price on the REV ION 2023 Starter bot BOM. I went through the REV website and attempted to find all of the items required for the build.

I couldn’t get everything exactly as listed on the supplied BOM. Some things I just could not find on the website via the search using the description or the part number, so I left those blank. Other things had a similar but not compatible listing so I used price from that but noted the differences in the Notes column. For this reason, I intentionally did not add a column with a link to the product page. I assume REV will do this in the future.

The rough price estimate is $1583.75. I hope this spreadsheet helps!

Edit: It’s come to my attention that many drive train components are not listed in the BOM supplied. I don’t know what everything is needed there, but the gearboxes and NEOs add another $400 to the price estimate. Putting it nearer to $2000.


We released updated SPARK MAX firmware and REVLib this afternoon to fix a few bugs. Details below:

SPARK MAX Firmware 1.6.2

  • Fixes critical issue where new parameters introduced in 1.6.0 were not being burned to flash correctly
  • Fixes issue where new parameters were not being read back correctly despite being set correctly

REVLib 2023.1.2

  • Adds support to configure the hall sensor’s velocity measurement
    • C++/Java: Updates SetMeasurementPeriod() and SetAverageDepth() in the SparkMaxRelativeEncoder class to be used when the relative encoder is configured to be of type kHallSensor.
    • LabVIEW: Adds SPARK MAX Configure Hall and SPARK MAX Get Hall Sensor to set and get the hall sensor’s measurement period and average depth.

These updates are only technically necessary if you plan on using the Absolute Encoder and/or hall sensor measurement configuration features. However, we do recommend staying up to date. The 1.6.2 firmware update and 2023.1.2 REVLib update go hand in hand and should both be updated to utilize the new features properly.

This REVLib update adds this functionality. It was technically possible to set the configuration parameters through the hardware client, but due to the firmware bug, those parameters were not being read back correctly.

If you set parameters using the Hardware Client, please be sure to reset them after updating this time.

Expanding on what Greg posted earlier, there are currently instructions on the Absolute Encoder configuration tab for your SPARK MAX in the Hardware Client, that walks you through the calibration steps for your MAXSwerve modules.

Our swerve-specific utility is not quite ready, but the Aboslute Encoder tab has what you need to get calibrated and some pointers to our documentation and code templates.


Thank you so much for the promptness! I’m sure many teams are excited to use these useful updates, I know we are lol

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Shipment received. Nice little swerve drive :slight_smile:


How long did it take to assemble?

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We received ours today, and had them assembled by four students in less than two hours. Some tricky bits with tight bearings, and (as mentioned in the instructions) some of the Ultraplanetary stages needed a hole drilled out. At least one of our (older) NEOs had a key slot that was not quite long enough, but we substituted another and it fit properly.
One other surprise that I guess should not have been surprising - the Ultraplanetary screws are metric Allen heads… we had to dig out the metric wrenches.
It’s fiddly to get everything together in the last step but so satisfying when it’s done.
Tomorrow we’ll be building a drive base & hooking up electronics!


Do you expect to have REV-21-2382, the tube nut for the dead axle, available this season? I’ve seen it in a few of the CAD’s Rev’s posted, but haven’t been able to find it on the site.


“Sometime soon” was the next day - for those who haven’t seen SparkMAX is in stock on AndyMark!


That one took about 30 minutes to assemble.
Then I took it apart and reassembled it in about 10 or 15 minutes once I knew how it went together.
No issues. It was pretty simple because of the excellent design.


They are in the container on the boat mentioned recently by Greg.