REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

@Greg_Needel , we just got finished assembling 5 of your new swerve modules, and I have to say, they are fantastic. As a team that has built our own for the last several years, I’m glad we finally swallowed our pride this year and went with yours!

We did have one issue that we haven’t been able to resolve. Before connecting the bottom and top sections, we spun the wheel to test that everything is smooth. Two of the modules run completely smoothly, one has a hint of noisy/bumpiness, and two are significantly “clicky-clacky”. As best as I can tell, it is being caused by the bevel gears not meshing perfectly, and it does feel like there are a couple of tight spots that are repeatable as the wheel spins. The problem goes away if you loosen the 4 bolts that hold the triangle parts on and/or the bolt that goes through the bore of the wheel. But you have to loosen it to a dangerous degree to get it to run very smoothly. One other interesting datapoint is that it runs smoother if you hold it horizontally with the wheel’s bevel gear facing up. This seems to suggest that when gravity is pulling the two bevels away from each other, it loosens up a bit.

Is it possible that these bevel gears are suffering from the “Type B” problem that you described on the video about the 90 degree adapter for the MaxPlanetary?


@Greg_Needel Any idea when the MAXPlanetary gearbox cartridges (specifically 5:1) will be back in stock?


Half of my team right now on the REV Gearbox page:



Are there plans for the return of the Blinken?

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This was Greg’s response from a couple weeks back on the Blinkin.


I have an update for you all, that is not the ones I like giving. 7 days ago our inventory management software SKUVault, decided it would randomly stop sending inventory syncs to our website. Now normally this is not an issue because our website has its own inventory and as things sell it gets fixed over time. In the case of MAXPlanetary, because of how the cartridges are also listed as soft-bundles, it caused us to oversell products and options that include 5:1.

Emails are going out to the teams that are impacted with the choice of

  • Receive a 4:1 instead of a 5:1
  • Receive a refund for some or all of the gearbox order
  • Wait until things are back in stock again sometime in March.

If you have an order in the system that hasn’t shipped yet, and don’t receive an email today, please reach out to and we can manually lookup the status for you.

MAX Planetary has sold far more than we could have even expected this season, and while we have more in production, at this time the only thing I can say is “sometime in March.” We will try to tighten up that estimate as we get another couple weeks down the road, but that is unfortunately where we are right now. After we make sure that the people we over-sold product to are taken care of, we will make any available inventory of basekits, 3:1 and 4:1 available, but we are low on stock of those items also.

For people who need them, I strongly recommend looking at the AndyMark Sport gearboxes. While they are not adjustable in ratio or have the socketed hex, they are a really great product that will still bolt up to most of the places on your robot where you were planning for an MP.




Shout out to Greg for being forward about the ugly news just as clear as the great news.


If anyone wants to sell some Max Planetary stuff…I know a guy who wants them :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:



Yeah, having to post something like this must suck :frowning: Personally, I find it amazing to see a supplier recommending their competitors product like this for teams in need, I think that really shows a great commitment to team success!

I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping we won’t want to add a second motor to power our arm. We had the tentative thought that we would just buy another MAX Planetary, and while the AndyMark Sport would certainly work there as well, the lack of symmetry would annoy me :slight_smile: What part(s) are needed (beyond the two motors and basic gearboxes) to use the 2 in 1 Gearbox with a Max Planetary? I’m just not sure how to adapt the hex socket output of the 2 in 1 to an input for a Max Planetary.


We appreciate the recommendation! If you do need the socketed hex feature we sell a shaft replacement that allows for this.
We also have other add-ons to facilitate flush face mounting.


Yeah, this hurts. Just got the message that we won’t get any of what we ordered. But hey,it’s engineering problem right?

Let me make sure I understand.

I had a 2 - 75:1s ordered.

If you replace the 5:1 units in that unit, I would end up with a 48:1.

There is no option to instead get the 64:1 correct? And no guarantee I would be able to get the 2 additional 4:1 stages to eventually get to a 64:1 until March?

I don’t mean this to be a loaded question or anything. Things happen. Just need to know how to proceed.

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we are willing to work with everyone on this, please make a note in the form and/or send an email to and we will see what we can do for you.


rather unfortunate to hear about the maxplanetaries. was going to use a 125:1 on the robot this year and ended up with the PO being stuck in purgatory. Thank you for the transparency though and hopefully im still able to order the other combinations we needed that doesnt include 5:1.

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I forgot another thing for the update today.

We released a pulley generator in Onshape for RT25, so if you want to use this belt standard and print your own pullies you can now do so with any size.


Does this also affect Ultraplanetary stock? If not is there and estimated date when the 3:1 and 4:1 ultraplanetary cartridge will be in stock?

I bet this is in the product queue… bearing block for a MaxSpline :wink:


Yes, this is on the list.


Can I ask what bearing that is and where you got it?