REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

Hey everyone, we have a few software updates for the following:

Pneumatic Hub Firmware 23.0.1
Download and install through REV Hardware Client. Release notes:

  • Fixes issue introduced in previous firmware version 23.0.0 where compressor output would not turn on without explicitly setting a compressor mode.

REVLib 2023.1.3
Download with above link. Release notes:

  • Using this version of REVLib with SPARK MAX requires the MAX’s firmware to be updated to version 1.6.3.
  • Improves documentation for the setZeroOffset() and getZeroOffset() methods on Absolute Encoder objects.
  • Fixes issue where reading an absolute encoder’s zero offset could return an incorrect value in certain conditions.

SPARK MAX Firmware 1.6.3
Download and install through REV Hardware Client. Release notes:

  • Fixes issue where changing the inversion mode of the duty cycle absolute encoder with a zero offset already specified would cause the physical zero position to change.

REV Hardware Client 1.5.1
Update within client or download with above link. Release notes:

  • Adds new MAXSwerve Drive Utility to the top-level Utilities tab.
    • Current version is a beta, additional features are planned.
    • Displays position of each MAXSwerve module’s wheel.
    • Allows all modules to be easily calibrated in one place.
    • Detects configuration issues with the SPARK MAXes being used for MAXSwerve.
    • Supports exporting and importing MAXSwerve drive configurations, so that the utility can be used on multiple computers without having to re-select the options.
  • Fixes infinite spinner after restoring SPARK MAX factory defaults.
  • Increases the number of decimal places shown for the zero offset on the AbsoluteEncoder tab, making the result suitable for pasting into your robot program.
  • After the Absolute Encoder zero offset has been set, the icon that indicates that a parameter has been modified and needs to be burned to flash is now displayed.