REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

Not necessarily. Button head would be tough because you can’t use the flat top of the head of the screw to stabilize the motor while pressing. Hex head would likely work fine.

As mentioned the distance from the back housing of the motor to the end of the shaft is <3/16in (~0.17in) so anything less than that (i.e. 1/8in) is fine to leave in the hole as a plug.

The same applies to a pneumatic fitting: as long as the threaded portion is short enough that it doesn’t contact the shaft, it won’t cause any interference issues.


the CAD would indicate so

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Perhaps another silly question…

If the distance is <3/16", why do you call out a 3/8" bolt for pressing on pinions?

Just to clarify, anything short enough to be used as a plug is not suitable for using to press pinions on the shaft.


REV really said “you put 6 mounting holes on the Falcon, well we’ll put 7 on the new NEO”


Well, yes, but would a 1/4" bolt be sufficient to press pinions? What about 5/16"? Seems pedantic, but 3/8" is double the length of the supposed clearance.

I don’t have a particular reason why I want to know, I just want to know lmao

Most screws don’t have fully formed threads all the way up to the head so 1/4in screws run the risk of bottoming out on the threads rather than the shaft and not performing their job correctly.

3/8in is the next size that teams commonly keep on hand so it’s the ideal size for this task.


not quite… we went with 7, so that the original 4 mounting holes on the NEO were still in the exact same relative location related to the wires, the 3 additional holes give you extra granularity for where the wires go, but the 1.1 is a drop in replacement for the 1.0

Technically, this is an 8 hole pattern but the 8th hole would be where the wires are.


By the way, are you guys still expecting the “wave 2” Ion products to be out before kickoff?
Still looking forward to those #25 belts/pulleys. :wink:


Keep your eye on this thread, there is more to come today and in the coming weeks.


These changes although seem small at first, but personally these are going to be a game changer in some of our teams designs. Awesome Job REV! You’ve done it again!

Love the Neo upgrades. The tapped end will make running the Neo with only a single stage belt reduction easier.

Now you just need to offer this product in the exact length of the Neo Shaft.


Would be nice if we could get something similar on the NEO550s too, the current screw arrangement makes using them with VersaPlanetaries difficult to access the corner screws because of where the wires always sit (maybe they’ll surprise us later though, who knows?).


Just a thought… It would be really nice if the vouchers came out before everything drops and completely melts my poor credit card.


Smoothly purchased what we needed. Very glad the site held up and had plenty of stock! Same props to AndyMark regarding roborios today.


Ngl, the hole in the back of the housing gives major auto technician energy.

“we can change the oil filter in 10 minutes by hole-sawing this plastic panel vs the 2 hours to take it off”

Meanwhile there should have been a hole from the factory. Now you’ve got me thinking that some team just drilled a hole in V1 NEOs…


Check these out …8mm Shaft Spacer - 1/8in - 10 Pack - REV Robotics


Something tells me this won’t be a problem for many teams moving forward…


Someone’s at least considered it. From the 2020 Q&A:


Greg, do you anticipate a shortage in the fuses of the pdh? Do you think there aill be enough stock of them in the season?