REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

We are having the same problem with SysId on SparkMax. Does SysId both set brake mode and then periodically set voltage to zero? If so, the fault is in SysId not Rev. If not, then what is going on here? We will make sure to flash coast mode on our controllers and try again. In any case this needs a better(-documented) solution if it’s been going on for two years already .

Any chance anyone knows of a flange version? That would be nice.

I haven’t seen a direct flanged version but SKF makes one with a snap ring that serves the same purpose


I would assume the Ultra Planetary pinion gears are in the grouping of parts you won’t have in stock for a while?

Last week you said next week for MAXSpline shaft collars are they still expected soon? Also what is the outlook for 48T MAX Spline sprockets?

Any word on this shipment? I’ve got a team that would pre-order if given the chance.

One think I’ve noticed for quick order is that when you have multiple similar items (1/2" hex spacers or 20dp gears or MAXTube for example) on the quick order it would only let you add one of those items. Then you would need to manually search the part up and add it to cart. It’s not too bad of an issue but it’s just a small QOL thing that might be nice to fix if possible.

hi rev I know this is probably gonna get buried but could you please make an external mag encoder similar to that of the CANcoder? The rev system of plugging into one thing to connect to everything is amazing, and simply put, your products just work. Our only non rev electronics part on our robot (other than the obvious roborio and radio) are our CANcoders, and I’d love it if you made a rev version of them.


Happy Week 1!

Today we went back in stock on a number of items I know people were waiting on

  • Throughbore encoders
  • MAXSwerve hardware kits
  • MAXSpline shaft collars
  • some gears and sprockets

MAXPlanetary - We have a small qty of 5:1 cartridges that will be made available this week. We have more of all the ratios that will be available in a couple weeks

MAX90 - Still waiting on a couple parts to finish out for these, but with some luck they will be back in stock late next week. Part of this process is also getting some replacement gears out to teams who go B grade units and will allow us to fix the C grade kits and make them available also. We wanted to make sure we got this one right before we put them back out there.

NEO, NEO550 - We will have more of these in stock mid next week

SparkMax - We are a couple weeks out from re-stock but the last batch just sold out today, so I hope people mostly have what they need.

Good luck to all teams competing this weekend with a special shout out to the members of #TeamREV hitting the carpet for the first time this year.

|25|Raider Robotix|
|27|Team RUSH|
|360|The Revolution|
|503|Frog Force|
|1745|P-51 Mustangs|
|2826|Wave Robotics|


Would 48T MAXSpline sprockets or MAXTube End Caps be in stock this season? Thanks!

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Would 1:5 and 1:4 Max planetary Cartridge be in this soon? Thanks

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If any teams need Spark MAX please let me know. We still have around 10x too many from an accidental order. We would be happy to sell them at below retail just to make back some of the money that was burned on the order. So if anyone needs Spark MAX or would like to get some brand new ones at a discount please let me know!


Will 48T MAXSpline sprockets be coming back in stock?

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Will Spark Max CAN cables be back in stock this season?

@Greg_Needel Did the 5:1 hit, last week? Do you think you will have more available before week 4?

Its a GO

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They are in stock now.

they are now gone again

Anyone else have problems with the REV 2x1 splitting on the 1" side? We had a bunch happen on the thin wall grid pattern but that was mainly due to using the thin wall vs the thick wall because it wasn’t in stock when we were building that part of the robot. What has us concerned is even the thick wall 2x1 has really thin 1" sides.

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