REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

@Greg_Needel Do you have any updated timing on when the MaxPlanetary stages will be back in stock? I was ready to go when the ones showed up a few days ago, and then was particularly dismayed to find out that I had accidentally purchased UltraPlanetary stages instead!

Also, if any has any spares of any size, I’d be willing to pay a premium for them, plus shipping, or trade for anything else that someone might need - I have spare SparkMaxes, Neo 550s, and Neos.

We also experienced a failure on the 1” side of the thick Maxtube. We had the gearbox for our arm mounted on it, and our programming issues caused the motor to run the arm into the hard stop.


Are the individual bevel gears from the MAX Swerve available for purchase?

The one for the wheels are 3in MAXSwerve Module Wheel Hardware Pack - REV Robotics

They appear to be out of stock though

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I know through bores are currently out of stock, thoughts on when the next set might be coming in?

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@Greg_Needel I see the 550s as well as the ultraplanetary motor pinions are out of stock. What is the ETA on when they will be back in stock again? Thanks.

I might be thinking of a different FIRST vendor, but I thought at one point REV had a page hidden on their website for tracking restocks on items? I know there were a few vendors that had such pages early this season, but I forget if REV was actually one of them or not… :thinking:

I think that was Thrifty Bot

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Hey Everyone, its been quite on our side for a couple weeks since I gave my last update and I know there have been many questions so I will try and get through them all.

Basic stock things

  • MAXPlanetary - All ratios are back in stock, and we have more on the way behind them, our hope is to get back to our regular “always in stock” status with these this month
  • SPARK MAX - We have more that will be available Friday 3/24, and still have more in production
  • NEO - We have more that will be available next week.
  • Through Bore Encoder - These will be available mid next week
  • 48 Tooth #25sprocket - These are out of stock until the end of April, we missed re-ordering these with our vendor and so they have just recently gotten started in production. AndyMark has released a new good line of sprockets recently and while they don’t have a 48, there are other ION compatible sprockets available and I encourage anyone looking to check them out.
  • Misc ION parts - a bunch of stuff just went back into stock, please check the website if there is something you have been waiting on.

MAX90 - We received a shipment of these last week, but unfortunately they were not up to our standards. We are changing the manufacturing method on the bevel gears to help with tolerance control. These are in process now, but I don’t think they will be available for for a few more weeks. Given how late in the season we are I know the urgent demand for these is probably gone, but they will be back and 100% for your offseason projects and for next season.

MAXSwerve - I posted this over in this thread but we continue to improve our wheel performance on the modules and are going to be sending out Metal wheels to all customers next week free of charge. We have also posted some additional documentation and videos about modules and even pre-match check lists so you can ensure they are in the best condition for your match. We have received great feedback from teams using the modules this year, and as the wheel issue is resolved I think they are a great option for teams trying to get into swerve. We have modules in stock now and the production plan is that these will be a constant in stock item for teams. We know that swerve is where most teams are heading right now, and so we strive to make the on-ramp to swerve easier by being the most affordable and accessible provider of modules moving forward.

MAXTUBE - There has been a lot of good conversation about MAXTube in both this thread and the Experiences with ION thread We will be taking a look at some of these things in the off season and make changes to our products if needed. We listen to all feedback about our products good & bad so we can continue to improve our offerings for everyone. If you have any feedback to share you can always send it to We will be sending out a post season feedback form as a specific way to collect feedback.

Ship to Pit - It is hard to believe it is almost time for championship again. We will once again be offering our ship to pit service. This will open up next week and will be a free shipping option where you can get any in-stock item delivered to your FRC or FTC pit at the world championship.

On to week 4…