REV Robotics - 2022/23 Product Releases & Updates

I am assuming you are talking about the swerve hardware packs Yes those are coming back into stock also.

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Apologies I mean the 3in. Swerve wheel - aluminum 3in MAXSwerve Wheel - Aluminum - REV Robotics


Will NEOs or the MAXSwerve modules be coming in anytime soon?

NEO was in stock briefly at end of April. AndyMark says tomorrow.

See Greg’s post from last week about them:

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Recently we have been having issues with the shafts of our neo 1.1’s coming loose on our swerve. This also causes other problems like the magnet glue melting and eventually the magnets coming loose and out of place due to the added friction created by the loose shaft rubbing against the neo internals. So far we have had to trash more than 2 motors because of this problem and we don’t really want to just throw motors at it without knowing if it is our swerve that is the problem or the neos themselves. I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this issue and if so what are some ways you guys are preventing this problem from happening again.

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Any chance of internal pictures of the dead motors?

please send an email to and we can work with you. It doesn’t sound like something normal from your description.


Does anyone know when NEOs will be back in stock? We’re looking to get some MAXSwerve practice in during the off season

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Any updates on restock dates? “Early may” has come and gone

Any idea when Neos and PDH will be back in stock? Should I expect to wait till September/October ish? What is Rev’s track history with this sort of thing? Do they usually have stuff coming back in stock every couple weeks or is that period closer to a couple months?

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In the past, REV would have decent stock year round. In fact, they used to have a summer sale that was a great way to stock up on motors, controllers and other items at a decent discount.

The factors this year of higher demand (for a lot of reasons that we don’t need to discuss again here) and supply chain issues that everyone is struggling with appear to have made it difficult for all vendors (not just REV) to keep stuff in stock.


I apologize for my delays on this, we have been working on a number of things and I will have more updates for you in the coming week or so.

MAXSwerve - These are very close to being done, but a couple of things were held up, right now it looks like early June for availability, but once they are in stock, we have plenty of them. We will also be launching a parts page so you can order every individual part separately for service.

NEO - We have sold through all of our “season stock” We have more in production, but it won’t be until later in the summer for them to be available.

PDH - We have a small batch coming in that we expect to be available in late June. Our production batches for the season will be available later in the fall once these are depleted.

I am also happy to announce we are going to be launching our “when is this thing going to be back in stock page” on our website.

I am going to be traveling quite a bit this summer, but will do my best to keep posting about new things we are working on as they come out in this thread. At some point I will start a 2023/2024 thread as this one has already gotten really long.

Stay tuned, lots of very cool things are on the horizon…


Hopefully for some non-work things. Burnout be real yo.


Awesome! Will be very nice for all of us to not have to back-and-forth in this thread. :​D


My next trip in a week or so is work China >Singapore. I have a couple personal trips this summer, but much of it is going to be REV related.


Wish you the best