REV Robotics - 2022 FRC Control System

Today we are happy to share some information for the New FRC control system components that REV Robotics has designed. Details on their specific devices are available on their product pages, and additional information (including pre-order information) will be coming soon.


Through the development of these devices we realize that there is an additional opportunity to share with the community how REV conducts product development, including design, testing, and manufacturing of robotics products.

We are also announcing the launch of our development Blog which will provide a platform for us to share some of these things with the FIRST community!


Different color resettable breakers will make identifying circuit size at a glance easy. But everything will be 40A circuits anyway, so….


RIP VRM, you will not be missed

Super excited to see how the WAGO PDH slots work out (hope that one going to the battery doesn’t get loose though), opening those ports could be a total pain on a cramped robot. Extra motor slots and double the solenoid potential? FRC batteries are going to be in for one rough year :grin:


request - an alternate/V2 of the Radio Power Module that has an extra two ports (one to a vision, and one to a computer at competition). Eliminate needing a separate switch that also usually has barrel connectors!


I am hesitant about the wago-like lever nuts on the PDP ** edit: (PDH). Really happy with the digital pressure input though, that’s a game changer.


Looks like a lot of really great updates from REV!



We considered this, but you very quickly go down a road of building a kitchen sink device. The radio is the only required device that needs power for every team. In the event a team needs a camera or switch with external power, there are plenty of other off the shelf solutions available.


Will these be provided in the 2022 (or later season) KoP for all teams?

I can understand that. I will still stand by my request for an alternate =). I haven’t found a switch that I particularly like and having them integrated into one component would be great.


Due to Covid-19 impacts (overall cost considerations and no off-season events available for testing brand-new products), FIRST is delaying rollout of the new REV boards in Kickoff Kits until the 2023 FRC season.

REV is on track with the new support modules, getting ready for a launch in 2021 for the 2022 Season. FIRST may make these new products competition legal in 2022 for teams who choose to adopt these products on their own.

  • For the 2022 Season, rookie teams will receive the existing CTRE products and these products will continue to remain competition legal in future years.

  • WPI and the WPILib development team will provide software in support of the new devices.

  • The wireless solution will continue to be the Open Mesh radio for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to pursue a solution to succeed these radios.


A purpose-built switch for FRC would be great. The solutions 1712 has had to employ have been sub-optimal (powering on the switch in the pit, but plugging the limelight directly into the rio on the field to avoid the chance a switch’s barrel connector takes out the network mid-match).


+1, there’s definitely a market for this.



Looks like we’ll have to get a new supply of 40A breakers? Very far from the end of the world though.

Very very very much looking forward to all t hese.


Looks awesome! This looks so much nicer to work with than the CTRE boards, and it’s clear REV took community feedback into account from the initial announcement and lessons from devices like the SPARK MAX.

A few questions though:

  • A voltage regulator module was announced alongside the PDH and PH. Is the RPM’s existence implying this is no longer coming?
  • MAXI size breakers are now obsolete, correct? What size are the breaker slots on the 15A PDH rails?
  • Do any of the USB-C ports output 5V 3A for powering coprocessors?

Also wanted to acknowledge that it’s great these all came in slightly under the cost of the current versions - even with some serious upgrades (even the PDH). I’ve got $500 burning a hole in my pocket until the pre-order opens up to get a set.

These all look very exciting. Great job Rev Team!


Congrats to Greg and the entire team at REV. This is some dope stuff.


Me: Sees that there are mounting holes and that JST is only for the 485 connection (which no one is even seems to be speculating about yet)
Also Me: puts away pitchfork


We don’t have plans at this time for a separate VRM like device. Like Greg mentioned before, we quickly start designing the kitchen sink regulator, and we feel a teams can find exactly what they need for their specific application in off-the-shelf regulators.

They fit the APM/ATM mini size fuses.

No, these are for data only. They can, however, accept power for the control circuitry of the hubs for firmware updates and diagnostics. You just can’t power the compressor, for example.


Are these the red/yellow fuses for the RIO/VRM/PCM ports on the CTRE PDP?


WPILib’s port forwarding should already support your core feature request (one connection can access multiple networked items).

We set it up for the 2020 season, but never got around to debugging a few things about it.