REV Robotics - 2022 FRC Control System

Once beta-test units become available, I’d be interested to see someone take a PDB and a PDH, and do good 4-wire resistance measurements from each input terminal to a corresponding output terminal. I’m wondering if one is significantly better than the other in terms of end-to-end resistance.

(I have a nice benchtop ohmmeter, in case Rev feels like sending me a unit :wink: )


@AdamHeard are you still interested in sponsoring research?


That does sound like fun :wink: I wonder if my welding machine is too terrifying to hook up to something expensive… It would casually do the current required for a full power test!

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The main input terminals on the Power Distribution hub support up to 4AWG.


gonna be a problem for those who live in 2 gauge land.

Absolutely! Are you interested in researching which teams gained no advantage by not running KOP drive?


Cembre ANE7-P20 Nylon Insulated Copper Pin Terminal, 2 AWG :slight_smile:


Couldn’t one snip a few strands off of the end of their precious 2 gauge wire to make it fit in the connector? You’d still have most of the electrical benefits of the 2 gauge wire…

oh wait those things! that might be a much more appropriate solution


Here’s a video of how the spring cage clamps work:


Huh, never knew thats how you pronounced wago. I always said/heard “way-go”


What that video doesn’t tell you is that you will pinch a finger if you aren’t careful with these. They snap closed hard.


Yup most people including me put in the Y where there is none.

The pronunciation is kind of a US/Europe thing (my experience only) but the company is based in Germany.

Well, you may say " Snap Closed Hard", but they say;
“Effortlessly Return the Lever to its Closed Position”. (salesman voice) “IT’S A FEATURE!”


That’s so German of them. :wink:

Thank you for yoyr reply. It took me a bit to realize/remember that the Radio Power module just supplies power to the Radio, it is not the Radio. So, teams still do have one other port for comms (though a switch is certainly more reliable). It is wonderful that you all may consider a 5 volt/alt power supply in the future.

I do think that our concerns could ve addressed in documentation as well. As you say, there are a host of options already. So a preferred way to get reliable 5 volt power for a raspberry pi and possibly a switch (depending on the switch) would be plenty. As I was reading some of the replies, it occured to me that it took us years to realize we could power non-motor 12 volt devices from the pdp directly. We thought it all had to go through a VRM.

A quick, unrelated, budgetary question. Do you know whether this control system hardware will be compatible with the current (soon-to-be old) generation roborio?

These control system parts are compatible with both the current and future generation roboRIO

One more note about the VRM, one of the issues that happened that teams might not have been aware of is over current use of the VRM for other devices could make your radio go down. Since the majority of teams just used that device for the radio only, we thought it was best to provide a solution so that every team has radio power in every match, and recommend using other devices for your other electronics.


Someone needs to get WAGO and MK in the same email thread together so we can achieve a full #AllLeverNutEverything system.

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This is the WAGO

I was leaning on AM to handle that with premade 4awg battery cables tbh.

Or the Michael Scott Paper Company of FRC suppliers. I hear he’s pretty chill.