Rev robotics 3in MAXSwerve Module code for python

My First robotics team is trying swerve drive for the first time this season and have no idea where to start for coding. We would prefer to code in python if we can but can not find any examples anywhere.

Start with the REV code here: GitHub - REVrobotics/MAXSwerve-Java-Template

Thats in Java, but should be easy enough to translate to Python if you prefer

Someone else is working on this, you might find it useful? REV MAXSwerve support in Python - #15 by EthanWall


My swerve library for RobotPy is here: GitHub - EWall25/swervelib: Swerve library and base code.

It’s designed (and now tested) for SDS swerve modules, so you’d have to make some changes to make it work without a CANCoder. However, it can still be a good starting point.

I was wondering what the latest is on this topic? Is this working well?

I recently became the lead mentor of a young team. We ran MaxSwerve last season. I’m evaluating if it would make sense to move to Python instead of Java (big topic, don’t have to get into that). The MaxSwerve is a key consideration, among others.

(Thanks for sharing your efforts!)

We translated the official example into python, but I don’t have any way of testing it.