REV Robotics Canada Warehouse - Now Open! 🍁

Thought I would split this out into its own thread. REV has now incorporated and setup a Canadian operation. This includes a specific Canada website and a warehouse that ships from Ontario.

On our new site we don’t have all of our products, but more of a curated assortment based on past data. It is our intent that we will be expanding our offerings in Canada over time to include more items like our new FRC control system. We have even made a form you can fill out to request specific items and bring them to the top of our list. Product Request Form

Here are a few notes

  • Yes, your team will be able to transfer your REV Robotics Voucher code to the Canada site
  • Yes, your team will be able to get the 15% off FTC items on the Canada site
  • Yes, We will run the same discounts and promotions on the Canada site as we do the US/International site
  • Yes, there will be a way to convert your control system pre-order to delivery from our Canada warehouse (we will be emailing teams about this directly)
  • We will start accepting Purchase orders in the future, but this is not available just yet. If your school has an issue, please email [email protected] and we will try to work with you until this is officially turned on.

This is a new endeavor for REV and obviously we don’t expect everything to be perfect right away, but we will continue to improve this service as we are trying to make things much easier for the large amount of FRC, FTC, and schools in Canada that have previously struggled to buy REV products. If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please contact us so we can look at it and try to find a resolution. Feel free to contact us. [email protected]


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