REV Robotics Focus Group

Hey Robot Friends,

As you might know, REV is working on a bunch of new things for the 2022 season and beyond. For the first time ever we are recruiting a focus group to come behind the curtain and give us feedback before we go into production. Because of how the things we are working on will have a broad impact on teams for the years to come it is more important then ever to get this feedback.

Due to the sensitive nature of unreleased products, we are asking that people interested in being part of the focus group answer the following placement questions and be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if accepted to the group.

The focus group will take place all online. There will be several scheduled video calls and a private chat group established. The total time commitment for participation will be 2 to 10 hours spread over 8 weeks.

We will be accepting applications Until March 1st, and start actively engaging with the group the week of March 8th. Participants must be over 19 years old to participate.

If you can’t participate this round, please note that this is just the first of the opportunity for a small number of people to give feedback, we have several other ideas and things we will do as we move towards the Fall of 2021 and into 2022.

Thank you for your consideration and you can apply at the link below.


Would this include the new control system or is this mainly relevant to “normal” REV products (if you can comment on that)?

The new control system is a big part of why we are doing this


Just wondering when I might get more information about this. It says you were going to be connecting with participants today and I have not gotten any other information since I submitted the questionnaire 2weeks ago.

I am working on an update, we needed to delay this a few days based on the amount of people who signed up.

Thanks for your patience.



Looks like emails are going out to people who applied. I didn’t get in, but congratulations to those who did! If you use Gmail, the email might have ended up in your “promotions” tab, so be sure to check there.


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