REV Robotics Fuel Stacking Contest

All of this seasons the students on my team and I have been trying to build the tallest fuel tower all season and it turned into a competition. So in the Spirit of Championship REV is going to have a Fuel Stacking competition in our booth at the robot service center at both championships.

We will have leader board of individuals, their stack height and time. (Top Gear style).

We have some fun giveaways for everyone who participates and will give a big prize to the overall winner.

Rules are simple, the stack must stand for 5 seconds using nothing but the fuel itself (no glue, string, wax, magnets or anything else you come up with to cheat) for support (ie. Balance). And the person who builds the tallest stack in the fastest time by the end of the event wins!

The stack can only be built out of fuel. May the fuel be deformed? :smiley:

Nope, the fuel must be in generally spherical shape.

May we melt the fuel to increase adhesion? It will retain “general spherical” nature.

oh you guys… Fuel that has been modified in anyway from stock will not be allowed as part of a valid stack (which includes melting and chemically modifying :stuck_out_tongue: )

You failed to include nuclear fusion as an illegal method of modification. I think we just figured out the real reason they called it “fuel”

What is the current number on the All Sparks, Greg? I believe I’ve seen a legit 5-stack.

Legit 6 stack. But I know that people can do better.

If a paper airplane lands in between two pieces of fuel, does the full value of the stack still apply?

Do we get bonus points if we put a pool noodle in the top one?

We’ve been doing this as well on Wave. Though we have 2 categories. Free standing and a “Balanced in one hand while the other hand does the stacking”.

For the balanced in one hand category it is up to the stacker to acquire and place their own fuel people can’t hand it to you. I believe the highest is 4 or 5 for this category.

*1) Wash the fuel with laundry detergent to remove oily residue

  1. rinse the fuel with a vinegar solution to removed detergent residue

  2. rinse the fuel with distilled water to remove vinegar residue without depositing mineral residue

  3. now you have very clean perfectly FRC-legal fuel with high coefficient of friction

  4. store in clean lint-free paper sack

  5. bring to champs and amaze all your friends with your fuel stacking prowess

Only if you can determine that the stack would remain standing if the paper airplane was removed.

But how do you remove the distilled water residue?

Anyone got a handheld ultrasonic spot welder?

With CAS 60-29-7

Friction welding ok? It’ll hurt my time but I’m pretty sure it’ll work.:stuck_out_tongue:

How will speed and height be weighted? It’s unlikely somebody will win in both categories.

Speed is likely the tiebreaker


If multiple people build a 6 stack it is whoever built it fastest. If you know you are going to do a 12 stack then take all the time you need.


We’ve totally got this:

Yes, that’s Don Bossi.
Yes, he’s wearing an Oculus.
Yes, Ryan can stack fuel higher than this.