REV Robotics - LabVIEW Control Code

Hey everyone,

Besides doing Ri3d, which has too much time :cool:, I’ve been writing a driver for the new REV Robotics Digit board for LabVIEW.

It’s not finished yet, but if your team is itching to play with it, give it a try and maybe develop more on it (GitHub is cool like that!).

Some of the character table is messed up, likely due to an electrical change between the original Adafruit design, 1538, and REV Robotics.

The code is hosted on our team’s GitHub.

Hopefully the official library will be out soon, but in the meantime, feel free to use this.

Here’s a quick demo on how to print out at most 4 characters:

You can stick this in the Periodic in it’s own loop.

Fixed the character table!

Roll Tide & Hail State

I would consider this library finished. If you find something or want additional features, let me know and I’ll consider adding them.

Okay, I rewrote a lot of it so that it would be more familiar to most students using LabVIEW and packed it into an easy to manage LabVIEW VI Library (LLB File).

You can simply right click in your project to add it.

Here are a few code examples to get you going.

This is what you would place in the

If you want an easy to read voltage meter on your robot, place this in Periodic

If you want to simply scroll some text on that screen, do this in Periodic

What about read an input or write some custom formatted text to the display?

Download the library from our team’s repository.


Anyway we can get this post updated for 2018?
All the links to the example pictures and the repository for the library are broken.

Thanks if you can.

I don’t believe the team I’m on now has a REV Digit. If you find some issues with the library, and you fix the issues, please do a pull request and I’ll update the repository.