REV Robotics Servo Hub? (R505)

Rule R505 allows servos to be powered by a REV Robotics Servo Hub (P/N REV-11-1855).
This seems to be different than the Servo Power Module (P/N REV-11-1144) which is also listed.

Does this exist, and if so where would I get one? If it does not, then did FIRST leak a canceled part?

It’s not listed on REV’s website yet, so it’s likely pending an announcement or not coming for this season. The first team update should drop tomorrow, so I guess we’ll have some idea then if the reference ends up being removed.

It is a device we designed and intended to launch this season but were unable to due to component availability. It is still something we are planning on, but don’t count on it for this build season.

Expect this to be part of a future update to clarify.


Team Update 01 removed this part from the list of allowed ways to control servos.

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