REV Robotics Winter Product Reveal

REV Robotics is happy to announce our 2017/2018 Winter Product Reveal. We think that both FRC and FTC teams will find these products useful for both the current season and upcoming seasons. You can check out the highlights below, as well as see the full list and details on our website All products will be available at or before FRC kickoff 2018

  • Blinkin

  • Driving LEDs has never been easier. Give this unit power from the PD and a PWM cable and you can drive both addressable WS2812 LEDs or 12v RGB LED Strips. Over 100 pre-programmed patterns and controllable team colors means everyone’s robots should really shine this year.


  • Over the past 2 seasons, the SPARK has been the solid, low-cost motor controller of choice for FRC teams. As we enter our 3rd year producing the controllers, we have increased production efficiency and the market has changed. As such, we feel the time has come to lower the price on all SPARKs to $40 moving forward. We hope the extra $5 savings per controller helps teams accomplish more with their budgets this season.

  • 1/2 Inch UltraHEX Shaft

  • This is a 1/2 outside hex with a 5mm hex inside bore. FTC teams that use our parts will see this as a great way to transition between our 5mm hex motion products and other commonly available 1/2 inch hex products from the FRC ecosystem. For FRC teams, you can tap the 5mm hex hole directly to 1/4-20, making this a great low cost option for standoffs and light duty drive shafts.

  • 1 inch Linear Motion System

  • One of the first products we launched back in 2014, this system has remained mostly un-changed the last few seasons. This year, we have added some new components to make the system better, like Delrin Endcap Sliders for compact, multi-stage lifts. With the new parts, teams will be able to build strong, smooth sliding, and high load capacity lift systems with ease.

    • ** POE Cable**
  • To address the issue of radio re-boots due to loose power barrel jacks, we made a completely custom POE injector cable just for FRC teams. These cables feature industrial rated RJ45 connectors, shielded wires and pre-crimped ferrules which can be directly plugged into your VRM.

  • 5mm Hex Ball Bearing - FTC teams have been asking for a ball bearing solution for our 5mm hex motion system, and we are listening! Using standard, off-the-shelf 8mm ball bearings and a snap-over adapter, you can build higher load mechanisms with hex shafts and never rely on setscrews or d-shafts again.

  • Magnetic Limit Switch - We released this a few weeks ago for FTC teams, but FRC teams might also be interested in this compact Hall-effect sensor with mountable magnets which can be used for any non-contact limit sensing required on your robot. Teams can set multiple stop points on arms or elevators, or just add a level of robustness to your end stops. We use JST PH connectors on all of our sensors but are also stocking the adapter cables to PWM so these sensors are easy to integrate with the roboRIO.

  • Punch Tube - The punch tube is a new structural element designed primarily for FTC teams, but we think that FRC teams will find a ton of ways to use it as well. Think of this as a bridge between using a kit system and fully custom fabrication. It is the same 15mm outside shape as our t-slot extrusion, but with solid walls specifically designed for teams to drill, pop-rivet, and bolt their brackets to. We will be offering this tube in both pre-drilled and non-drilled configurations. The recesses on 2 sides allow for easy, straight alignment with our plastic brackets and their alignment bumps.

  • New 15mm Brackets - For the past several seasons, many FTC and FRC teams have used our 15mm extrusion system for building their entire robots or smaller mechanisms. In an ecosystem that contains many different building systems, we decided to adjust our hole spacing to the more common 8mm pitch, so integrating with other building systems is simpler. We have also added a number of new bracket options, including ones specifically for our Core Hex motor as well as our new Ball Bearing mounting plates.

OK this stuff is too cool. :]

Great stuff!

I don’t think my body can take many more product reveals.

Yay! Digging the passive PoE, with ferrules no less :). Hoping teams start using PoE now that it’s more accessible.

I’m really digging how ready the Blinkin is to program, and how nice the housing is to mount. Way to think about overall user experience!

Love the UltraHex and Blinkin. Awesome work REV!

Well, we’ve now seen the big three plus a couple upstarts…surely we’re close to the end before Kickoff, right?

Blinkin and the price drop on SPARK are going to do a lot for teams trying to ball on a budget. 1293’s got a healthy stockpile of the latter next to the late great Talon SRs, and we’ll use the heck out of them.

Even if it’s a frustrating color, I appreciate the approach on the PoE connector. Definitely a compelling option for teams not wanting to mess with a barrel jack anywhere.

UltraHEX doesn’t speak to me personally (I’m a Churro man, old habits die hard), but I’m glad it and the other new 15mm parts are out there for FTC. Between AndyMark, REV, and to an extent Actobotics, it’s never been better for an FTC team to dip its toes into the waters beyond Tetrix Harbor.

Last year we upgraded to a POE injector that required a barrel connector to be inserted into it. While the POE injector solved our radio disconnect problems, I never fully trusted the barrel jack being electrical taped into place. On top of that, the connection to the VRM had to be constantly checked because we did not have the proper ferrule. The POE injector REV is selling is the perfect solution. We will certainly be picking up a few of those.

Tons of awesome stuff in there! I’m sure we’ll end up with some of it on our robot this year. Hoping that LED controller becomes legal in future years for FTC-- it really looks sweet.

I can see a V2 of our drive train around the corner with those ball bearings…

This is pretty awesome!

Glad the Blinkin is finally released, it’s even cooler than I thought it would be.

The POE cable is a great addition, I want one of these in the KOP for every team. I still recommend teams use the barrel connector in addition to the POE connector, redundancy here is a great thing.

Thanks for sharing Greg… it made me go buy stuff from REV. Looking forward to the POE cables.

Are you going to be selling this stuff through AndyMark?

Some of it will be for sale through AM, if you see something specifically you think they should carry you should reach out to them as they are very responsive to team requests.

Additionally we will be loading some of the new items onto our amazon store aswell.

I love your PoE cable - while we haven’t had much trouble with the barrel connectors once we properly secured them (even for STRONGHOLD), this is just a beautiful fit to the three places it has to connect to work on an FRC robot! We often have a short ethernet extender to get the socket out where we can tether a laptop to the robot anyway - this will replace that and give a more robust electrical connection as well.

The UltraHEX hit me with a thud when I first looked at it, but now I’m beginning to see a lot of button head screws replacing shaft collars, and possibly a curious way to attach sensors. It’s also a sturdier standoff than the churro - this is a Shimmer moment! (Link for those too young to remember Shimmer.)

We’ve already depleted our pre-kickoff budget, but the UltraHEX is definitely going on the list of stuff to order early if we think we need it, and I may just pop for a couple of the PoE cables out of my own pocket.

I am sorry for resurrecting this thread but I have a question regarding the limit switch parts that a number of teams used quite effectively this year.

When you connect these to the Talon SRX as a limit switch input, where would you get the power (5V) for the limit switch?

I know that you need to reference the voltage of the limit switch to the SRX and not the roboRIO.

If you connect the 5V to the ribbon cable of the SRX, where and how do you make robust connections for powering the sensor?

Thank you.

I think you can do it with the SRX analog breakout board. Talon SRX Analog Breakout Board - VEX Robotics

The JST to PWM adapter (4-Pin JST to PWM Sensor Adapter Cable - 2 Pack - REV Robotics) for the RoboRIO suggests it would wire similar to the +5V encoder on the breakout board. Don’t know if that messes with other sensors/encoder needs. Maybe someone else can answer the best way to do that. I wonder if you can basically wire it on the limit switch side with the using the +5V (pin 2) and GND (pin 10). So the signal would wire back to the FWD (pin 4) or REV (pin 8) limit switch on the breakout.

That sounds good except where you have an encoder (for instance the ctre mag encoder) also connected to the same SRX.