REV Servo Power Module

Hello, We are wondering on how to use this Servo Power Module
Is this physical hardware piece that just transfers electricity or is it requiring a coding in java to function?
we could not find details about it in quick start guide in link’s documentation page and it is our first time using it. Thank you.

From what I understand it’s just a power injector. You give it up to 6 servo control signals from the roboRIO and it will output up to 6 high-power outputs with a regulated 6V. You would program it just like a normal servo in Java and this would basically sit in between the roboRIO output and the servo itself.

thank you for for information!

This is 100% correct. The main reason it exists is because the roborio can only ouput so much current so this opens the door to use all sorts for more powerful motors like the REV Smart Robot servo or loads of other high power servos up to 90watts.