Rev Spark MAX and Neo motors stuttering and dropping out from CAN

I’ve seen a few other posts here with somewhat similar problems. We’re using 6 x Spark Max controllers on a CAN with 6 TalonSRX controllers for a tank drive base. We’re on the latest firmware and APIs.

Just sitting idle we’ll see the magenta light flash off and on occasionally. Under power, this results in the wheels stuttering. When using a PID, it results in the wheels effectively locking up. We see no errors at the console and, otherwise, everything seem sto be running fine (including the Talons).

Anyone else having this issue?

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We’re having this issue too. We’ve experienced it mainly in position mode. The controller will seemingly randomly disable, both when holding position and moving, causing a stuttering, inconsistent movement. The controller is connected to can the entire time (we’re getting accurate, live feedback from the controller). There are no errors in the DS console. The disables don’t last for longer than 500ms (rough estimate , haven’t measured) and are long enough to throw off our elevator motion profiles. When they disable when the elevator is at steady state it results in a rapid clicking as it drives down slowly then jerks back up to position.

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