REV Spark Max - Follower does not respect inversion

Good Evening,

I was working on setting up our elevator code for our robot this evening and I noticed that when I set our left and right side elevator motors up I needed to invert the right side motor to not have the motors fight each other.

I did this and when writing the output to each motor manually the motors behave as expected. However, I attempted to set the Left motor to follow the Right motor and vice versa and was not able to move the motors at all. The motors would fight each other again as if the Right motor was no longer inverted.

Regardless of inversion state of either motor. It would seem then that the motor follower functionality of the CAN Spark Max object doesn’t respect motor inversion.

This is pretty critical as I checked if this was something TalonSRX motor controllers didn’t respect either, but I found that the TalonSRX did respect inversion when a motor is following another motor.

Has anyone else attempted to use NEOs on their elevator and had similar trouble?

CANSparkMax#follow takes an invert argument that defaults to false:,boolean)

Ah! I’ll try that. I figured I was missing something.

EDIT - This solved my problem. Thanks.

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